Firing Near Mathurakati Beby Rani Ground, Arjun Sankar Deid

The firing took place on 1st January 2021 evening in Mathurakati near babyrani ground area of ​​Kharagpur Town. Arjun Shankar (29), a resident of Subhaspalli space and a local Trinamool activist, was discovered unconscious and later declared to be worthless. Trinamool supporters went to the scene and agitated on his death.

Residents heard the sound of some gunfire, searching for the unconscious Shankar on the side of the road with two damage marks on his body. He was rushed to Kharagpur subdivision hospital, at which place he was declared useless.

Trinamool district president Ajit Maiti said that Sankar was a celebration worker. BJP district president Samit Das said that any death was unfortunate, but Shankar's death had no political connection.

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