IIT Kharagpur Has Developed A Micro Needle, Which Is Thinner Than A Human Hair.

 IIT Kharagpur Has Developed A Micro Needle, Which Is Thinner Than A Human Hair

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur have developed a micro-needle, which is thinner than a human hair, and a micro-pump to inject medicine to victims in a painless manner. Researchers in electronics and electrical communication engineering have developed micro-pumps and micro-needles to feed methods of transdermal drug supply. Methods of transdermal drug supply are designed to ship biologically energetic brokers through pores and skin, primarily by proliferation in a pain-free course and within the United States over many years and many other different- Used in different locations. The micro needles act through a pressurized and managed micro-pump that distributes the drug through the pores and skin. The micro-pump pushes the drug within the reservoir through the array. Micro needles are painless because they are too small to touch the pores and veins within the skin and induce painful reactions.

He said, 'We have fabricated high-strength glassy carbon micro-needles, which can withstand the resistance of the skin. The micro-pump helps to increase the flow rate of drug molecules in a controlled and precise manner. We have integrated this micro-needle and micro-pump to achieve controlled drug delivery, ”said Tarun Kanti Bhattacharya, a professor in the electronics and electrical communications engineering division who developed the needle and pump. While a human hair is 50 - 70 micrometers thick, micro needles are 55 micrometers thick. The mission was funded by the Union Ministry of Finance and the division of data science and science and know-how. “The drug delivery device has been successfully tested with animals according to medical protocols. Researchers have also applied for patents in India. The findings are published in the IEEE and Nature Journal, "an announcement issued by IIT Kharagpur on Friday stated.

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