Paschim Medinipur Containment Zone In Connection With COVID-19 Disease

Paschim Medinipur Containment Zone In Connection With COVID-19 Disease

The West Bengal government has declared 5 containment zones in West Medinipur district, out of which 2 are ward number - 18 (new settlement area) & ward number - 26 (old settlement area) in Kharagpur.
Coronovirus cases in West Bengal have been increasing for the last few days. As of Tuesday night, 61 new positive cases have been reported in West Bengal, with a total of 1259 cases in the state. The state has also recorded 133 deaths related to COVID-19, while only 218 people have recovered from the disease.

What Is Containment Zone?

A containment zone is an area where a positive case of COVID-19 has been found or an area where high/low-risk contacts of the patient live.This area of 3 km radius will be the containment zone. If required, based on the mapping of contacts and cases, the containment zone will be refined. A buffer zone of an additional 5 Kms radius (7 Kms in rural areas)/administrative boundary of including neighboring districts/per-urban zone shall also be identified, as detailed in the cluster containment plan. The premises of the zone are sealed and no person in that area is allowed to step out of their home. Grocery and other essential services are provided to them. The lanes surrounding the containment zones are also cordoned off and police are posted at all entry and exit points. Violation of these restrictions is punishable under law.

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