The First Electric Furnace Of The Town Was Inaugurated At The Mandirtala Burning Ghat, Kharagpur

The First Electric Furnace Of The Town Was Inaugurated At The Mandirtala Burning Ghat, Kharagpur

Mandirtala Talav Burning Ghat,Kharagpur
The electrocution house at the Mandirtala Burning Ghat crematorium was inaugurated by ADM (General) Pranab Biswas of West Medinipur district by cutting lace. On this occasion, ADM (G) Pranab Biswas said that inauguration is being done keeping in mind the corona patients, we do not want any untoward incident but more people are not required to burn the dead bodies in the electric crematorium and social distancing Can also be taken care of. He also expressed concern over people not following social distancing. Describing it as another link to the development of Kharagpur, MLA Pradeep Sarkar said that the city has got its first electrification house which was expected for a long time.
The total cost of this electrified house is about Rs.1.65 million and it took two years to build. There are two chambers in the crematorium, currently work will start in one chamber and ordinarily the cremation program will be completed in 45 minutes. It will take about 1500 rupees to burn the body. To operate the crematorium, a specialist operator will be required, which has not been decided yet, after the appointment of the operator, the work of electric cremation will start.

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