Making of The New IIT Building (IIT Kharagpur)

Making of The New IIT Building

Making of The New IIT Building
Making of The New IIT Building
My best wishes to all. May you all become worthy children of this country and we all feel proud of you. May you all nurture in you how this institute came up in a detention camp of freedom fighters, where two of them laid lives when British police fired at them, where Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose visited. May you all remember your role as a maker of this nation. The country cannot afford to make the best of its education infrastructure available to all. It is given to the chosen few, the most capable ones, who you are, the blessed, the deserving ... with a hope, with an urge that the enriched you, your capacity  will help raising the country, your fellow countrymen - the suffering millions, the downtrodden, the ones who also deserve access to education, employment, health, shelter, a space for themselves ... who are waiting with expectations in those tearful eyes..... in overcrowded general compartment of trains, in long queues of Govt. hospitals....when the educated, the empowered, will reach out to them.

I am sure, wherever you are, you will carry 'India' with you and will not leave any opportunity to see that India achieves the much desired inclusive growth ... beyond islands of excellence ... creating opportunities for all. Tall task indeed ... that's why the hope rests on the tallest amongst us, young graduating IITians. Your batch, previous and succeeding batches - together you are a great force, you can and I am sure you will. The nation will see in you not only leaders in technological field but leaders who are 'Dedicated to the service of the Nation' on their graduating day, as inscribed in the magnificent main building that beholds all of us. Let me end this little speech :-) with what we all KGPians remember by heart, the famous quote from Pandit J. L. Nehru's first convocation address, "Here in the place of that Hijli Detention Camp stands the fine monument of India, representing India's urges,India's future in the making. this picture seems to me symbolical of the changes that are coming to India." May you all lead a happy, prosperous and meaningful life. May God bless you.

The old building of IIT Kharagpur during World War II, a picture from pre-independence era.
The making of the new building. The main gate was in place before others.
indian insitute of technology, kharagpur
 The making of the signature tower. The F-116 (Bhatnagar Auditorium) entrance to main building is in place.

History of IIT Kharagpur

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