Did You Know That Durga Maa’s Murti Is Made From The Mud Collected From Brothels?

Durga Puja is celebrated with great splendour and the atmosphere is filled with energy. If you have ever visited a mandal, then you might have seen the elaborate murti and stage decorations (pandals), magnificent poojas, performance arts, and processions.
In Kharagpur, when Durga Puja is celebrated very enthusiastic, Durga Murati is made many places in Kharagpur. To be auspicious worship of the entire pooja, statues should be made with the 'Pula mati' or the perfect blend of blessed soil.
So, the mixture to make the idol comes from the banks of Ganges, cow dung and cow urine and a handful of soil.  The soil is known as “Punya Maati” comes from the nishiddho palli or the forbidden territories. The soil collected from outside a prostitutes’ home.
The priest must beg for the soil from a sex worker and they should give it as a blessing. If you are wondering why the priest must ask for the mud from the brothels, then you will be surprised with what we found out. According to most believers, when a man enters a prostitute’s house, he leaves his trueness and his purity behind. Thus, all his pureness lies right outside her house in the soil present there. The soil is, therefore, the purest and it is the reason why it is used in the making of the idol.
It is interesting to know that the sex worker, who is frowned upon by the society, gives the magical touch to it. Long before the women were treated as sex workers and kept away from society, they were courtesans. They were respected for their art and through that art they provided pleasure to all of the mankind. It is to respect these courtesans and their art that they too are a part of the festivities.
Though the ritual, on one hand, gives them a sense of power or right. But at the same time, they are still looked down.

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